Thrifting For Profit: How You Should Do It – A Beginners Guide (2020)

ARE YOU STRUGGLING with thrifting and reselling?


Imagine making a little or a lot extra money by reselling items in the right way.

Thrifting is simple and possibly the fastest way to make money if you do the profits the right way.

But right now, that might not seem quick and easy to you. A great successful thrifting adventure feels like it´s a whole world away, doesn’t it?


  • You can not find the right products to sell
  • You are not sure how to get your items sold in the best possible way
  • You do not know if thrifting is something that suits you


In fact, you are thinking a lot about dropping the idea of ​​making money this way.

But it really does not have to be this way. You actually can succeed in making a good business out of thrifting: 


The secrets of thrifting with great profit will be revealed, right here.

An easy beginners guide – absolutely for free. Only a few scrolls away…


How to find cheap products to resell


Our starting point for us at The Great Old Dane was to sell the items that our country exports abroad – and we believe you should do the same.

On the site we sell primarily old danish brands which are known abroad. Due to the fact that we in Denmark have products in abundance from brands such as Bang and Olufsen, Royal Copenhagen and Georg Jensen, we are able to get the products at low prices. 

You as a new seller must find out which products your country has in abundance that are in demand abroad. When you know which items are in demand abroad, go try to find these items on local auctions, Facebook (marketplace) and in thrift stores.

The important part in thrifting is to get the products for a good price so you are able to make a good profit out of it. For us it works to sell items that are characteristic for our country.

Also be aware of shipping costs varies a lot depending on size and weight. Therefore, it is beneficial to source small, lightweight items since the customers do not appreciate expensive shipping. Furthermore small, lightweight items is good if you are in lack of space. Small items will increase your amount of items in your inventory.


How to sell your used items online


Great Pictures

A very used phrase says that a picture is worth a thousand words – and it really is. It is important that the item is presented well to the eye so that you do not need to describe too much.

The item must be neat, clean and tidy. Furthermore, it is important that there is good lighting when you take pictures.

best Platform

The marketplace you should use to resell online is: eBay – This site is the most popular and busiest online platform for reselling items. The fees on eBay are around 9-14% depending on the category your items are located.

If you are a new reseller on eBay, we recommend you to start with a free account. Later you can scale up your business and do a monthly subscription. This will get you lower fees and some other benefits.


New Listings

If you use eBay to resell, make sure your listings are up to date. If your listing is old, it usually slides down in the search results, and your potential buyers will have to search a while to find your items. Therefore, you must regularly make new listings.

Make a routine so that there is a good flow with new listings.


Great service

When people ask questions about the items or demand more pictures of the them, you must be prepared that it requires some attention from the seller. Also, it needs your attention if a customer contacts you due to a damaged item.

Do not hesitate to respond and try to find a compromise where e.g. by making a partly or full refund. Be prepared that customers often expect a lot from the seller. If you are capable of doing great service, they will leave good feedback and you will increase your chances of getting new costumers.


the price

When you price your items, make sure you know what your lowest price is. Most buyers like to bid below the set price.

– So, if you want a minimum of 75 GB for an item then price it for e.g. to 95 GB.

It can also be a good idea to write in the description that there is a discount if you buy more items. For many costumers it will be a trigger to buy more items.

Is thrifting something that will suit me?


Easy steps, right? Are you still interested in starting thrifting after reading this guide?

Well, if you are, just get started. There are countless of benefits in relation to thrifting, and what’s the worst that could happen?

If you follow our guide, we are sure you will develop a great business with happy customers.


Look how happy our customers are


Thrifting is just a lot of fun and a great way to increase your income. Thrifting can also be a cultural experience, and you will strengthen your creativity. It is just a good, old fashioned treasure hunt. Furthermore, it’s good for the environment. What is not to like?

You can start by looking through your house and see if there is anything that can be sold that you no longer need. Otherwise follow our guide to find items for your reselling adventure.

Just get started part-time. You can start full time later, now it’s just a matter of getting started. Good luck!