Paypal has had online payments for a long time and is a leader both privately and professionally. There are over 100 million registered users on Paypal, and it is only increasing further. Paypal is used on eBay, but smaller companies use it as well. That is why you must also have it as a consumer, and we guarantee you that you will be satisfied with it. It is easy and fast to use when you buy items online

furthermore it is a very secure system. Paypal passes on your payment card information very thoroughly, which means, among other things, that no information is shared with the seller. The safety is therefore top class.

Based on the above, we’re just using Paypal here at The Great Old Dane. It is good for us as a company and you as a customer.

How good is paypal?
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How good is paypal?
A brief description of what paypal is and what is good about it
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