Ebay is a large online marketplace that many years ago became known for having actions between consumers. Today, you also have many opportunities to buy without it having to be in action. Ebay is a global company and you can find items both nationally and internationally.

It’s free to get an ebay account. With this account you can both buy and sell on their website. However, there will be some fees if you are the seller in a trade.

Many things are sold on ebay. Both new and used items. Here on the website, we sell, among other things, Danish design to the whole world through ebay. We have a definite store on ebay and it costs a little money to have. We therefore recommend that if you want to start buying and selling on ebay then first try a free account. You will not regret it.



what is ebay inc  – Video tutorial

Our friends at Tech Boomers has made a video that briefly and accurately illustrates what ebay is. so if you want to know more this video gives a good overview.

We highly recommend this video